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Hillsborough County Adult Athletics offers slow-pitch softball for men, women, co-eds, and seniors. Players can chose from three adult softball seasons per year - summer, spring and fall. Register your team or sign up as a free agent for adult softball.


The annual fee for teams is $350. A team consists of no more than 20 people.


  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must sign a seasonal consent waiver of release
  • Teams must pay all registration fees before the season starts


Things To Consider

Prior to registration, you must establish an online Parks and Recreation account order.
Teams play one night a week
Seasons generally consist of 9 to 12 games
Scheduled depend on the number of teams in your division per season
All teams must attend the organizational meeting to play in the upcoming season
Teams must register online

How To

1. Sign in to your online Parks & Recreation account, or create an online Parks & Recreation account here.
2. Select Athletics Adult Sports as type of program and Search
3. Select the location where you want to play

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(813) 744-5595

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