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We calculate each household’s sewage bill based on water usage, and an irrigation meter may help you save money on your water bill if you have larger irrigation needs.


The irrigation meter costs $200


A residential irrigation meter can save homeowners money by measuring the amount of water used solely for irrigation, eliminating the sewage fee that you normally would pay on that water.

Things To Consider

  • The Utility caps sewer charges at 8,000 gallons a month for residential customers in our service area
  • You must determine your monthly household use in order to determine if you may receive a benefit from an irrigation meter
  • Typical potable household use is 80-100 gallons per day per person

How To

  1. Call Customer Service at (813) 272-6680 to request an application
  2. Your licensed plumber will apply for a plumbing permit to install the meter
  3. Once the plumbing permit is received, fill out the application with the permit number
  4. Send completed application and required payment to:

Get Help

(813) 272-6680