Street Names & Addresses

Requesting an address or private road name

During the development review and construction process, we assign addresses to homes and businesses. Sometimes, however, you may need an additional address on your property, or you may need to name a private road. Some of the situations where you may need a new address or a name for a private road include:

  • adding a structure to your residential property to house your business
  • leasing a portion of your business property to another business
  • installing a septic tank and/or doing percolation (perc) tests on an undeveloped piece of land
  • emergency responders have trouble locating your address because of an obscure location or duplicate street name

Special circumstances for septic tanks and perc tests

Although we are responsible for land development permits, the Health Department issues permits for septic tank and/or a perc tests. However, you should contact us first, so that you will have an address to provide on your application for the permit.

Things you will need before requesting an address

  • Property ID Number (PIN) or Folio Number associated with the property
  • Site plan depicting the layout of and the access to the structure on the property

Why would I get a name for a private road?

To eliminate potential delays or confusion for emergency responses caused by obscure structure locations, duplicate street names or other conditions, we allow residents and businesses to request a name for a private road.

How to get a name for a private road

  1. Call our Street & Address unit to discuss the criteria for naming
  2. Collect signatures of nearby property owners and other affected parties
  3. We will screen the name to assure emergency response is not hindered by:
    • the use of duplicate street names
    • street names that sound alike
    • street names that might not be easily pronounced


For more information on street names and addresses call (813) 744-5862.