Pet Resource Center Volunteer
Posted April 24, 2017 | 12:02 PM

Helping Hands at Pet Resource Center

Retired Air Force turned PRC volunteer

Meet Richard. Richard retired from the Air Force after 21 years of service followed by 18 years working at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. What did he want to do after a work life that was filled with adventure? Volunteer! Richard is now a volunteer for Hillsborough County's Pet Resource Center and has been for almost 10 years. Check out what Richard has to say about his time spent at PRC.

What made you want to volunteer with PRC?

Richard: I can't sit around and do nothing. I had to do something. I like animals and had worked with animals before with FWC. I think I have done every job there is to do in this place (PRC.) I used to walk dogs, do laundry, clean kennels but I really like to drive so I've become their transportation guy.

Favorite part of volunteering with PRC?

Richard: Working with staff and volunteers is fun. But hanging with puppies….the puppies are definitely my favorite part.

What do you do for PRC?

Richard: I drive twice a week usually on Sundays and Tuesdays right now bringing cats to Humane Society (to participate in the Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return program.)

Interested in joining Richard as a PRC volunteer? Find out how to become a volunteer.

Photo Information: Richard, a PRC volunteer, works in the morning loading up and driving cats to and from Humane Society.

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