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Tax Season Stress? Fix Your Finances Now

With a solid money-managing plan, your prospects can look great

If Income Tax season left you anxious about your financial future, get a handle on assets and investments with Extension Service webinars and classes.

The only thing worse than waiting this long to address your finances is to delay even longer. Get started, or fine-tune your existing plan. These free sessions offered by Hillsborough County Extension can help:

Credit Q & A -  April 25
Held at Jan Kaminis Platt Library beginning at 7 p.m., this one-hour class explores common credit questions and debunks misconceptions. The session includes evaluating credit offers, avoiding high interest charges, and discussions of credit cards and identity theft.
Pre-registration is required. 

Understanding Workplace Benefits - April 26
In this hour-long (noon-1 p.m.) webinar, learn to evaluate and make the best use of benefits available through private and government employers. The live, interactive, online class addresses retirement plans, disability insurance, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, and employee leave.

Social Security Retirement Benefits - May 4
Daryl Rosenthal with the Social Security Administration leads this one-hour (noon-1 p.m.) webinar in which participants will consider the importance of opening and using a mySocial Security account, ways to maximize benefits, rules allowing you to work while collecting benefits, eligibility as a spouse or other survivor, and what you can learn on the SSA website. 

One-on-One Financial Guidance - Ongoing
In a private discussion with a Florida Master Money Mentor, learn to take control of your finances by developing spending and saving plans, analyzing debts, and building good credit.

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