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Posted September 19, 2016 | 4:49 PM

Warning Signs that Your Contractor May Not be Licensed

Here are 8 red flags when dealing with contractors

Unfortunately, not everyone who claims to be a contractor is legitimate. Here are 8 warning signs to look for to tell if the person you're dealing with is a licensed contractor. 

  1. If they aren't willing to put a contract in writing
  2. If they ask you to obtain the permit
  3. If they request a large down payment before work begins, payment in cash, or that a check be made out in cash
  4. If they can't provide you with proof of insurance
  5. If they say they're licensed, but can't or won't provide a copy of the license
  6. If they don't display a license number on advertisements, business cards, vehicle, contracts, etc.
  7. If they're only willing to work at night and/or on weekends
  8. If they tell you a permit is not necessary. Call (813) 272-5600 or check our work exempt from permits to determine whether we require a permit

Still have doubts?

Look Up A Contractor

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