Specialty Summer Camps Aimed at Kids with a Taste for Adventure

Hillsborough County, Fla. (May 21, 2018) - Nobody said summer camps always have to involve arts and crafts. Hillsborough County's specialty camps are aimed at adventurous kids who love outdoor activities.

Hillsborough County Parks will offer three specialty camps this summer: skating camp, eco-adventure camp, and fishing camp. All offer specialized instruction and activities for kids, from skateboard techniques to hiking excursions to how to throw a cast net.

Specialty Summer Camps

Each of the specialty camps cost $120 for a two-week session, with the first sessions beginning in early June. Children who receive free or reduced-price lunches might qualify for a discount.

For information on the skate camp, call (813) 744-5319. For the eco-adventure camp, call (813) 734-4712. For the fishing camp, call (813) 672-1120.

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